Introduction Edit

The large forest in the center of the continent is known by many names. To those who inhabit the forest, it is called Igaarna's Forest. The inhabitants of the forest are known as the Igaarni. They are on offshoot of the Igrun, who survived the near genocide of their race by fleeing into the immense forest. Their deep suspicion of outsiders has made them both paranoid and reclusive.

Geography Edit

At the center of the forest lies a large, active stratovolcano.

Except for the southern end of the forest which borders the Disputed Lands, there are no pathways through the forest.

There are rumors of mineral wealth beneath the mountains of the forest. Such rumors have attracted many prospectors over the years, but none who enter the forest return. 

Norica's ambitious plan to extend the Royal Highway into the forest and establish a permanent settlement at Densemore Hillock failed, and the Knightly House of Densemore and all of its subjects disappeared. The now abandoned stretch of highway is referred to by Noricans as the Ghostway.

Culture Edit

Politics Edit

The Igaarni are a matriarchal society ruled over by a council of elders.

Male Igaarni are a clear minority within their society and are kept only for purposes of breeding. They are politically disenfranchised. The Igaarni do not maintain political relations with any nation. They are hostile towards qll who set foot within their forest regardless of nationality.