Soleran, along with Darren Saereth, is one of the main protagonists in the series.

Early LifeEdit

Soleran was born and raised in Tyrium, to a middle class family. When Soleran was young, his parent's estate was caught up in a bad business deal which ended in the family losing their estate, along with the accumulation of a sizeable debt, forcing both Soleran and his parents into indentured servitude.

Soleran began working as a courier to help pay off his family's debt the 'honest' way. In his spare moments, Soleran picked up thieving to help bring in some extra coin for his family debt. His quick feet and wits soon had him out-performing many of the cities more experienced couriers and thieves.

Like many debtors in Tyrium, Soleran and his parents hid away the additional money Soleran was bringing in through his shadowy practices. After years of dilligent saving, Soleran collected enough of a fortune to pay off the family debt in whole. He was betrayed, however by his parents after they were approached by the Exarch Texlar , who offered to buy out their family debt if they would let it be transferred to Soleran. Instead of using the fortune that Soleran had accumulated to buy out their family debt on their own, they opted to take Texlar up on his deal and keep the fortune so they could return to their old lifestyle.

Life With TexlarEdit

Texlar, knowing of Soleran's thieving abilities set him to work as both a courier and thief.


Soleran is 17 at the beginning of book one.