The Tithaarn Purge is an ongoing war between Aethon and the Icarian Free States. The war began with Aethon's attack on the Free City of Solith. At present, the Aethonite onslaught has ground to a halt near the borders of Astyrin.

The war was begun at the urging of Xigacore Mavron, the head of the Aethon Order. The Aethonite assembly voted unanimously for a campaign to "liberate" the heretical Free States and bring them into the Tithaarn Creed.

Fearful of Aethons growing power, both Tyrium and the Tescari Dominion have indirectly supported the Free States with arms and financial aid. 

Seeking to put an end to Aethons expansionist designs, the Tyrian Magisters voted to send a sizable army to bolster the forces of Astyrin. Thus far, the presence of the Tyrian army has given the Aethonites pause, and Aethonite forces have made camp on the far side of the River Orynx, the traditional boundary between Astyrin and Alchoris