Introduction Edit

Umea Shil'Varon is a female caster from the nation of Aethon. She studied at the Temple of the Chosen in Aethon along with her second cousin Ilranna. She is a high ranking member of the Shadow Coven, and oversees all subversive and covert operations in Norica. She is first mentioned in Book 1, but does not make an appearance until Book 2. 

Personality Traits Edit

Umea is deeply emotional character, but suppresses her instincts towards compassion and fragility, in favor of ambition and power. She frequently utilizes her intelligence, charm and sexual allure to manipulate others. She is a reluctant supporter of Xigacore Mavron, and an unenthusiastic follower of the Tithaarn Creed.  

Abilities Edit

Umea is cable of influencing the moods of mundanes by altering their brain chemistry. In this manner, she is able to beguile her targets and make them receptive to her suggestions. The technique requires a great degree of skill and finesse. If done improperly, the target will become aware of the intrusion, and their consciousness will reject further attempts at manipulation. The technique is best applied over a long period of time. In a similar manner, she is able to stimulate her targets ability to feel pain and fear, which can be used as an interrogation technique.

Umea is skillful at manipulating Sae into illusions that confuse and befuddle her opponents. She possesses basic skills in telekinesis and the manipulation of elements. She has knowledge of healing, but nothing beyond the mending of surface wounds.

Appearance Edit

Umea is described as fair-skinned, with green eyes and dark hair.

Misc. Edit

She was born in the year 1220 A.R. in Aeterna, and is 27 years old at the start of the novel.

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